Visa Requirements


Following are the general guidelines for applying for an Indian visa from South Africa. Please go through the details and prepare your application accordingly.

To get detailed requirements for a particular visa type, please select the desired type from the list given below.

In addition to the visa fee, an amount of ZAR 48.0 will be charged (per application) as service charge.

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  • Address Proof and Financial capacities: Applicants need to submit their last three months bank statements having their address thereon, in case there is no mention about address on the bank statement then applicants require to submit their proof of address in such as utility bills, lease papers etc.
  • South African ID:- Requirement of SA Identity is done away with, not further required in future.
  • Incorporation Certificate:- Requirement of an Indian Incorporation Certificate is also done away, only a Letter of invitation from the Indian company is enough for business visa.
  • Tourist Visa:- Applicants may apply for six month/multiple entry Tourist Visa.
  • Business Visa :- Applicants should apply for minimum one year/multiple entry Business Visa.
  • All foreign nationals, including children, require a visa to enter India. 
  • To apply for visa to India, foreigners must be in a possession of a valid visa for South Africa.
  • Foreigners with permanent residence in South Africa can apply for visa to India in South Africa.  Besides, foreigners who have had minimum two years of residence and their spouses and children can also apply visa to India in South Africa except nationals of few countries.
  • All foreigners who are on visitor visa in South Africa are advised to apply for visa to India in the country of their origin or normal residence.
  • All foreigners with dual nationalities must apply on the passport of their country of birth.
  • All foreigners need to attach with their visa applications, proof of their permanent residence, work permit, residence permit in South Africa.
  • All foreigners without permanent residence in South Africa are required to fill Additional Form apart from online visa application.  The Additional Form must be filled neatly in capital letters.
  • Visas should be obtained prior to departure for India. 
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify visa particulars upon return of passport and before traveling.
  • Finalize your travel arrangements only after you have ascertained visa requirements. 
  • The Government of India reserves the right on granting & deciding type / duration of visa irrespective of the fees tendered. Visa fee once tendered is non refundable even if the visa is refused. 
  • Granting of visas does not confer the right of entry and is subject to the discretion of the Immigration Authorities. 
  • Cases where a fresh application is filed during the validity of an existing visa, new visa will automatically annul existing visa irrespective of its validity still remaining. No fee refunds are admissible in such cases. 
  • Applications can be submitted between 0800 until 1500hrs on each working day from Monday to Friday.  Collection is in the afternoon between 1500-1700hrs on each working day from Monday to Friday.


Note: All supportive documents and passport copies needs to be self attested.